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Sarande (Sarande-SarandŽ), with about 30.000 inhabitants, is the most famous seaside resort of Albania, a country that was cut off from the outside world for many years during dictator Enver Hoxa. Although Sarande is not ready yet for the 'big tourism' they are fixing infra-structure with financial help from the government. Roads in the city are reconstructed, new restaurants and bars are build en the view of the town, the boulevard, is completely renewed.

At this moment on many places in the town apartments are going up; as well for the local people as the yearly increasing number of tourists.

Sarande is building up a place in the European tourist-industry. And why not? The hinterland of the town has many places of interest and a natural beauty you can't find in many places in Europe.

On this site I would like to give the future-visitor of Albania an impression of Sarande and some of the places of interest. The tourists at this moment are mainly from Albania itself. Foreign tourists are mostly the so-called 'back-packers', those who discovered Greece 15-20 years ago. If you want to visit a country that is not yet totally focused on or adapted to the tourism, please visit Sarande and taste the originality with all its (dis)advantages.

Via deze site wil ik de toekomstige bezoeker van AlbaniŽ alvast een indruk geven van Sarande en enkele bezienswaardigheden. De toeristen die er op dit moment naar toe gaan komen voornamelijk uit het land zelf. Buitenlandse toeristen zijn vaak de zgn. "back-packers" die 15-20 jaar geleden als eersten Griekenland "ontdekten".

The information on this site is not complete. I will add new information after every visit we will pay to Sarande in the future.